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About Us

We, as a group of people, belong to ‘Bahujan’ society. We are dedicated to serve our entire society by writing extensively about our literature and other Fine Arts, social and political history, religion and philosophy, and contemporary cultural and political issues; by collecting, documenting, and exhibiting the lifestyle and cultural aspects of our society;

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Mission & Vision

As our foremothers and forefathers have created history of golden past by building Indus Valley Civilization, universities like Nalanda, Vickramasila, Odantapuri, Somapura, Jagaddala, Vallabhi etc.; spreading ‘Dhamma’ to the major parts of the world, literature of world class repute mainly in Tamil, Prakrit, Pali and other Regional existing languages; being ‘Productive Communities’, they invented scientific tools and equipments to produce finished products and exported them to the entire world and earned revenue. So, our vision is to take or carry forward the determination and expertise to the present and future world through research, experimentation and writings.

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Our Team

David Das

Assistant Professor Editor In Chief (Bahujan Literature)

Jyoti Biswas

PhD Scholar Editor (Bahujan Literature-English)

Jugal Biswas

Assistant Teacher Editor (Bahujan Literature-Bengali)

Ranjit Kumar Mandal

Wing Commander, Retd. Editor (Bahujan Litrerature-Rajbanshi/Kamtapuri)

Prasanta Mardi

Social Activist Editor (Bahujan Literature-Santali)

Jayanta Nagabanshi

Social Activist, Bhubaneswar, Orissa Editor (Bahujan Literature-Odia)